Pushing positive energy through the negative.


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I am a strong believer in the law of attraction! I have also experienced how it works in my life.

When I put out positive energy I am met back with that same energy. Just the same as if I am putting out negative energy that is what I receive back. This has been a great thing for me to implement in my life and it ALWAYS works.

Lately even though I know it works, I have had an extremely difficult time putting out that positive energy, which is not something that you do just once at the beginning of the day. Rather, it is something that you continue to do throughout your entire day. That, or it simply will not be effective!

It has been very difficult to follow through on staying positive, as of late. I begin my day by thinking positively and feeling love for what’s to come, but when that first negative thought or feeling comes it can be easy to let it hijack my whole day.

One area that is hugely impacted is at work. I work at Costco, which I normally love, and I interact with people my entire shift.

I am sure everyone can relate to shopping and ending up with that crabby cashier which can put a damper on your whole experience! I never thought that I was the crabby cashier. Well, it turns out that I am more that person lately than I thought.

When one unreasonable customer begins pushing my buttons they no doubt are feeling my “stabby eyes”, as my husband calls them. If just one of these customers comes around I can have a drastic personality change! And it will make it more likely that others after them will feel my wrath.

I am generally an upbeat and friendly person who never minds striking up conversation with those who come through my line. I smile and laugh with others and love to help cheer people up. Currently I am none of those things which has got me a bit down.

It’s not that I don’t want to be grateful, because trust me I do. I think that with all the changes that have come with being pregnant and being off one of my medications, that it has become a lot harder to manifest the positivity that I once had. This only increases fear and anxiety in my life.

I find it important to see exactly how this is affecting my everyday life. Gaining perspective on this is what drives me to make changes. What I know is that this issue has stopped me from fully being myself, leaving me feeling irritated and angry.

I am done hindering myself from having a great day. I am also done preventing myself from seeing all the positive things that are going on around me!

Although I am not trying to do it intentionally, I am making things harder for those I am working with. Ultimately, I am making it hard for anyone who encounters the negative energy I am fostering. This includes my family, friends, and even my cats!


In my last post I mentioned how I would focus on bringing more gratitude into my life. This is something that can help me to attract positive energy, and not keep my day hijacked by the negative in my own head! Here are a few ways I have been able to do this!

1. Stop and list things I am grateful for in my head- This acts like a timeout if you will. Doing this at work helps to turn my mood around, even if for a few minutes.

2. I have a symbol to help remind me to be grateful- I picked this up from “The Power by: Rhonda Byrne.” I picked something that I love. Every time I see a turtle I stop and really invoke feeling of gratitude and love in my life. I see it in jewelry,on t-shirts, kid’s toys, and more. “Affiliate Link Below”

3. I take a moment to breathe- This allows me to slow down and relax a little. When this happens, I can focus on feelings of gratitude, and get back to my friendlier personality.

4. Putting myself in others shoes- At work I have found it helpful to think about how coworkers might be affected by my energy. I know that when I work with someone who is constantly negative it can take a toll on my mood and sometimes I find myself feeling negative right along with them.

5. Thinking helpful thoughts- When I can get outside of my head and think of helping others, that can keep me from treating them badly. Thinking of helping others has helped me to stop the negative thoughts and start thinking positive thoughts. Then I am able to laugh with and not criticize, to smile at and not scowl, and to love and not hate.

Each of these things helps me to incorporate more positive energy into my day, which is something that I really need right now. Actively practicing this is what makes for a good day and I become someone that others want to be around.

Well that is all I have for now! Thanks for taking a moment of your day to read this! Feel free to share if you found this to be helpful.

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I hope you have a great day!



My Life Experiment

Welcome! We are Travis and Casey Hagen, the writer's and owner's of My Life Experiment. As recovering Individuals, we are no strangers to leaving behind dysfunctional ways of living. Over the years we have become adept at managing our intense mental and emotional worlds. Finding healing from the past, peace in the present and new ways to bring about success for our futures. We promote Healthy Life Experimentation Principles for connecting with ourselves, our relationships, and finding healthier ways of bringing about success in our lives. Stick around and pick up what we have learned. You will not be disappointed.

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Adding Gratitude Daily Planner Use.

Adding Gratitude Daily Planner Use.

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to My Life Experiment!

So, about a month ago I began maintaining a Daily Planner. I have loaded that planner up well, more than I have in a couple of years!

One thing I am realizing though is that between maintaining my recovery, my job, my family, and this Website, my mental and emotional resources are feeling Stretched.

I need a new plan with my planner, because even though I am filling it up, I am still having a difficult time of reminding myself of what I wrote down! In the last couple of weeks, I missed two work appointments, they were not job threatening misses, but I still didn’t feel like the reliable guy I am when I spaced them out.

I realize that my memory is not what it once was. It might be from the hell I put my brain through while trying to keep myself numb for all those years. And it may be from the weight of responsibility I am feeling from all the new beautiful experiences I have been attracting!

I am only 36 years old, so I don’t think I can play the age card quite yet. Heck it may be that I simply am not paying close enough attention to my life!

I remember in my Learning and Memory Psychology class that they brought up the importance of actively paying attention in being able to remember something. Go figure that the more I pay attention to my life, the more I am likely to remember what is coming next.

So why am I having a difficult time paying attention to my life? I suppose there could be a lot of answers to this question. But I have a feeling it is because, I am trying to sort out what matters to me more and what matters to me less. And as I fill my life with new responsibilities, I have to develop a new relationship with all the others!

I feel there are certain areas I am paying less attention to because I am growing in other areas. There are certain roles in my recovery community that I have had to temporarily pull back on because I need that extra energy to prepare for our baby girl. I have also ended up giving work a less attention because I am growing a blogging business that will turn into writing books!

Both of these endeavors have taken a great deal of my attention away from other important places I once focused more attention on. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It could go either way!

The problem is if I take too much focus off my recovery community (going to meetings, mentoring, being of service) it could be easier to forget about it altogether. Same goes for work! If I spend too much time focusing on all of these other areas, my distractedness at my job may mess with my ability to work. And that could lead to not having my job anymore, which has a Health Insurance package and 401/k matching!

I suppose what I am looking for is balance! A way to allow more beautiful experiences into my life, without having to disregard all the other areas that have helped me up to this point.

In essence this is a time issue to me. I only have so many hours in a day, and I need to use it wisely. This is also why I use a planner! Though I have shown myself that writing in it isn’t enough.

I need to keep myself well-informed of what I have written. I need to give more attention to what I have coming up next! I have found in the past that finding things to be grateful has helped me be more awake for my life. I believe I have come to a solution for being more awake for areas I am losing interest in!

A new plan for using my Daily Planner!

1. Daily Planner Usage- I need to use the planner on a daily basis. Simple enough!

2. Write down more events I currently do- I will make sure I write down more than just the things that seem “significant.” Not every detail of life, just some more.

3. Give some thought to the event- As I am writing the event down I will be giving thought to a best possible outcome from the event. This isn’t meant for future tripping, so if I begin to do that I will shut it down!

4. Giving gratitude for the event- More than just giving thought to a positive result for the event, I will also give some gratitude for the positive result! Meaning I will try to invoke the feeling I would have, as if I already received the result I am looking to have.

5. Review in the morning- Every morning when I wake up I will check out my planner, and repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the events I have written down for the day. Nothing too extensive, but just enough to get some positive vibes going for what is coming up next.

*The new routine I came to was inspired through a combination of my commitment to using a daily planner. As well as my commitment to work the a book called “The Magic.” This book is a guide to invoking a great deal of gratitude in a one month period, to turn us into magnets for amazing new experiences. “The Magic” is available for purchase through this link

Thankful for Today

With this new way of engaging my Daily Planner, I already anticipate the benefit potential! By giving gratitude for upcoming events, I will develop more interest for showing up for them. This is only an educated guess of course, but I will be sure to let you know how my progress is going!

Thank you so much for stopping into My Life Experiment! Once again, I need to tell you that knowing that I will be sharing my experiences with you, has made my life much more entertaining! So, thank you for stopping in and if you like what you have read here, please share it on your social media!

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the planner I use, here is a link to snatch it up and begin taking better care of your time. Thanks again for supporting My Life Experiment!

Developing “Magic” in My Life

Developing “Magic” in My Life

* This article contains affiliate links which are for selling products on Amazon which I earn a commission for. I only promote products that are relevant to this websites purpose of personal growth. These sales make it possible for My Life Experiment to run as successfully as possible.

Using “The Magic” for my Gratitude Experiment.

Hey everybody, today I am going to fill you in on an amazing book called “The Magic” that changed my life several years ago and up to the present.

About a month ago I set off on the “Gratitude Intention,” experiment, to get help with my mental and emotional health. In that experiment I laid out the method I would use to write the gratitude lists that were a big part of the experiment. 

I said that I would be writing 10 things to be grateful for and why I am grateful for them. This method has been incredibly helpful over the years, but it is not a method that I invented. It came from “The Magic.”

It was a great experience that I received great benefits from! But what the experiment also reminded me of was where my roots with the routine began.

About 7 years ago I was going through a breakup with my ex-fiancé. Though the breakup didn’t just have to be with my ex, it also had to be from her little boy. I went through a period where things were very sticky with my mind. Basically becauseI was having a terribly difficult time staying in reality and out of my obsessive mind.

In this time I latched on much closer to my recovery community, but I also found “The Magic.” And you better believe that am immensely grateful that I did!

What is the “The Magic”?

“The Magic” is the third book stemming from “The Secret.” You may know that “The Secret” is a book on learning how to use the “Law of Attraction” for creating abundance in our lives. If you didn’t know that then now you do!

You may be thinking, “oh great this fruitcake is going to tell me that if I think about a new car enough it is going to magically show up.” Well I am not writing this to promote “The Secret,” although it has some decent concepts in it! What I am interested in discussing is “The Magic,” and what it has to offer. And sorry but I don’t think new cars are going to instantly appear by applying this book either..

I would describe “The Magic” as giving a practical 28 day long guide to experiment with amplifying the level of gratitude in our lives. It is a 28 day long program to help develop a  long term habit out of expressing gratitude. “The Magic” fills in a lot of the details about attracting abundance that “The Secret” failed at doing, and wasn’t really designed to do.

I remember when I picked up the book, I started reading it and immediately wanted to speed read through because the content felt so inspiring. Speed reading wasn’t really allowed though because the book asked me to slow down and work on daily tasks. The different daily tasks gave me methods for pumping more love and gratitude into my life and any other relationships!

Two Routines that Changed my World.

Day one of the Gratitude Course is the 10 things I am grateful for and why, gratitude list. The next day is finding a nice rock to use as a gratitude invoking rock.

These two gratitude building methods stayed in my life for quite a long time after first completing the book. I wrote gratitude lists everyday for around 4 years, I also carried the rock for around 3 years. I still use in my life less frequently today, though they still have a powerful impact on me.

The daily tasks build on each other over the course of following the process. Though soon I was using several methods to build gratitude that really had me feeling on top of the world. This feeling did require work though, and adherence to practicing the steps that are provided. It also takes some letting go of judgment of the process!

This book fits My Life Experiment though and may not fit everyone’s experiment process. It fits My Life Experiment because I believe that there is a genius inside every human being, that will find a way to bring about whatever they desire if given the right tools. I have no doubt that intention, gratitude and hustling harder are the right tools. And this book has a process for developing more gratitude than any other book I have read before!

How my Past Experience with “The Magic” Turned out.

Remember how I was telling you about how “The Magic” came into my life. Yes the break up…

There was a month there where the grief of the break up had me moderately depressed, and extremely confused. I really wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

One very important thing that practicing “The Magic” and its rigorous form of gratitude building did was keep me out of my own head. It kept me focused on the beauty in my life and allowed me to remind myself that hope existed for amazing relationships and wealth to come into my world.

What it did for me was help keep me from sinking into the depths of depression, which is something that has happened many times throughout my life.

I am grateful for this book, I give it credit for helping me save my own sanity.

I have bought this book for several people over the years and will buy it for more as time goes on. If you are interested in purchasing “The Magic” there is a link set up for you below. Using this link to purchase “The Magic” as well as any other purchase you make through the Amazon Affiliate Link will benefit the purpose of My Life Experiment Blog.

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Beautiful Results from “The Gratitude Intention”!

Well folks I made it a full week running my experiment called “The Gratitude Intention!” Initially I set out on “The Gratitude Intention” because I was facing a rough spot where I was feeling alot of pressure stemming from a barrage of life changes. I realized from “The Compliment Experiment” that finding more things to appreciate around me, helped me to be more present for my life. I had more awareness of how to handle situations, and more energy to handle them. I also was able to work my way out of difficult feelings and maintain a more positive mindset! After seeing these amazing benefits I set out to learn more about how to make this a way of life for me!

For seven days I worked diligently to maintain a gratitude routine. The routine was writing a to-do and gratitude list in the morning, gratitude meditation in the afternoon, and gratitude meditation before going to sleep. For the most part I was able to stick close to the routine as planned, but I did miss steps from time to time from how I initially set out to perform the routine. Hey, don’t judge me I quickly got back on track..

Some people might ask themselves, “what would I need to have a routine like this for?” I have asked myself the same question. I consider myself a pretty practical fellow. So, when I cannot find good reasons to do something I will most likely not be doing it no matter how effective others might say it is. Partaking in “The Gratitude Intention” convinced me once again, of the practicality of having a routine that helps me have more gratitude in my life. In order for something to be practical for me there has to be benefits for myself. Here is list of the top Five benefits I received from this experiment:


  1. I remembered to Breathe more –  The experiment helped me notice more about whether I was breathing well or not. I could relieve some stress and get back on track by taking a couple of deep breathes!
  2. I felt more connected – I found that when I was latching onto subtle things to appreciate that ended up being more loving to others! A friend of mine also mentioned using the method with objects around his house to develop a more loving relationship with the house he lives in!
  3. It helped me feel – On several occasions during the week I felt down or angry. I found that if I focused more on appreciating qualities around me, it helped me find the way out of these emotions. Also, there were a couple of occasions when I was writing my lists that I found myself working out painful things I was feeling.
  4. It helped me stay more centered –  I noticed that when I gave close attention to my gratitude routine that I could catch on to when I was too hungry, angry, lonely or tired (H.A.L.T) much sooner than normal! Instead of getting to testy and critical of others. Then I was able to calm myself down and relax.
  5. It allowed me to develop SELF-LOVEI came to realize that showing appreciation and allowing myself to feel more gratitude is probably one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself.  I also found that a great way out of negative self talk was to point out qualities I appreciate about myself. I found many more things to love about this guy I get to spend every moment of my life with!

Another one of the most interesting aspects of this experience was not so much about the gratitude part of the routine at all. It’s about the relationship with all of you. I can see that simply because I knew I would be letting all of you know the results of my routine, that it led me to focus even more on getting the most out of the routine! If I wouldn’t have been sharing this experiment with all of you, I don’t believe I would have gotten as much out of it!

All in all I cannot say enough about the powerful benefits I received from performing this experiment on my life! Making the decision to intend more gratitude into my life brought more focus and care into most every thing that I did. After spending this week being a gratitude lab rat I have made the decision to continue the routine indefinitely! I found the routine has way too much to offer my world to abruptly discontinue it.

I also found a new appreciation for my relationship with the “My Life Experiment” blog, because I now realize what a potent tool for self-transformation it will be for me. I sure hope it offers you all the inspiration to challenge yourselves as well! Thank you so much for checking out “My Life Experiment” whether you have been checking in from the beginning or just stopped by today. I appreciate and love you all! Please stay tuned to find out what the next experiment will be performing on my life, whatever it may be I know it will not disappoint.

Importance of Breathing Well in Staying on Track!

Good morning “My Life Experiment followers and newbies! You may or may not know that over the last five days I have been partaking an experiment I have dubbed “The Gratitude Intention.” I have been having some great realizations and have been putting together a list of tips on how to maintain a successful gratitude building routine, which I will write about in greater detail in the experiments conclusion article. One aspect in particular is what I want to touch on more deeply this morning!

There has been a constant aspect that has played one of the most important roles in keeping me able to be in a state of gratitude. That is my staying on top of breathing! It might seem a little obvious to some for me to say that breathing is important, but I believe it can be overlooked far too often.

I believe that because of the situations I put my body in for years while experimenting in dangerous ways, that my body tends to easily go into Fight or Flight mode when I am not paying attention to my surroundings. My understanding is that when in Fight or Flight, the body begins to shut down or slow down certain bodily functions so that it is better prepared for the danger it senses. That is whether the threat is real or imagined! So if a thought comes through my head about some “insulting” thing someone said earlier, my brain might take that as a threat to myself in the moment and begin to tense up to get ready to fight or get the hell out of here.

just breathe

There is no staying grateful when stuck in Fight or Flight mode. And it seems the only way to slide myself back into gratitude is to do some breathing to get relaxed. Then I can remind myself that I am safe by thinking about all the things there are to be grateful for. In my constantly changing world and the rough life I lived before recovery, my brain can sense all sorts of threats that have nothing to do with reality! Thankfully I have learned a technique to keep myself on track! None of this is possible if I fail to remind myself to breathe.

Right track

I am truly grateful for this routine and how much the refining of it has taught me about staying in reality and staying grateful. My routine yesterday went very well, all of the different aspects of it were accomplished, but were not necessarily accomplished in there “correct” order. With that I am entirely okay. I spent much of my day paying attention to my breathing and saying I love you to the things that popped in my mind that I appreciate!

I am already on day five and that is pretty awesome! I am excited to go into my day today thinking about how important breathing is to my gratitude routine and basically everything I do. Hopefully I have sparked a it’s importance in your head as well! Well on to my day of living life and building gratitude. I wish you the best and most grateful day you can imagine! I will be back tomorrow to touch on what I notice today, so stay tuned!






“The Gratitude Intention” Day Three!


Welcome! First off, for any new readers to get up to speed, please check out “Stay Woke with the Gratitude Intention.” Then if you would like to read day one and day two you can get a sense for what results I have had so far as a result of this process. If you have read all of them so far then thank you very much for being so supportive of  “My Life Experiment!”

Yesterday was my best morning yet! I woke up at 7 a.m., got my coffee, fed the cats, wrote my daily to do list and got busy on my gratitude list. I kept in mind what I remembered from Day two (make sure to put emotion into writing what I am grateful for), and I finally made it to writing ten things to be grateful for and WHY, unlike my first two days! Thankfully I had a particularly easy time thinking of things to be grateful for, and invoking the feeling of gratitude from them.

Throughout the day I began developing a busy mind, I felt excited, but also a bit edgy. I was pretty stuck to my phone, watching stocks, watching my blog stuff, getting work texts. I wasn’t really watching to see if I was breathing well though, I also wasn’t looking around for things to be grateful for as much as I was the other two days. When it became time to close my eyes and meditate it was actually difficult. I believe it was around 4 p.m. before I got myself in a place where I could meditate well enough to say I accomplished my goal. But I am happy with how the session turned out!

As the day went on I stayed in a halfway good mood and halfway anxious mood. I would describe the state I was in as highly motivated with out the mindfulness needed to keep myself from creating stress from thoughts that don’t need to create stress. Later on in the day I did finally catch up to the knowledge that I needed to slow my phone roll down, and just breathe. I also did a little writing about my baby girl that will be showing up in a couple months, and that had a calming effect as well!


Then I finally made it home, after my wife and I retrieved the cat food I forgot in the shopping cart in the parking lot at Target! We ate some late night pizza (I was very hungry). I checked my computer for any last minute things and then off to bed I was. Before I knew it I was zonked out sleeping! I forgot to remind myself of my bedtime meditation and so it never became a thing (I was very tired). Thinking the day over I guess the acronym H.A.L.T (see below) comes into play. I was hungry and I was tired, but I made it through the day well with all things considered!

Thank you so much for checking out “My Life Experiment”, tomorrow I will post day four for you and I am determined to pump as much gratitude into my life as I can possibly stomach today. This should make for an interesting read tomorrow! I wish you all the time in to world to cultivate your own gratitude in this day! But remember, just because it isn’t always easy to do, It always seems to be worth the effort.


Things to Remember

-I am not always going to find it easy to be grateful, and that is okay.

-Motivation is great, but it is much more neurotic and stressful without mindfulness.

-The acronym H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) this is an acronym that means whenever I am in too much of any of these feeling states, I should be very careful of what I think, do, or say.







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