By: Casey Jo Hagen

My name is Casey Hagen. Recently my husband has been working hard on starting and maintaining My Life Experiment blog. It has been fun to see him develop new articles and it even feels as though I am getting to know him a little bit more with each one. I have watched his excitement rise as he finishes and publishes his articles.

Writing has many benefits for him, but what I didn’t realize is how many benefits I would receive from him starting his blog. Not only is it amazing to read what he is writing but I have also been inspired and encouraged through him to start writing something of my own.

When I was in college I took several writing classes because I liked the way developing a story and finishing it felt. It is something that I have not done in a long time. Although there is anxiety attached to the process of sharing it with others, it still feels good.

Each article that my husband writes is something that I can relate with. I too am a recovering addict (a few weeks shy of 6 years), with an added bonus of bipolar and anxiety. I say this jokingly because I need to. After all they are here to stay. My husband aims to share his experience, strength, and hope about his struggles through addiction and mental health and I am here to do the same thing.

So, when I say that bipolar is an added bonus I don’t say it mockingly or in a negative sense at all. It is a way of looking at it that allows me to recognize, accept, and live in harmony with them. I will not let these be things that define who I am because I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

More than enough

Although they can be extremely difficult to deal with at times I no longer allow them to break me or destroy my life. In the last six years I have learned how to deal with them and better my life and I feel that it is important to share with others. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from others. If they had not shared with me I never would have had the chance to grow in the ways that I have.

So, this marks the beginning of a new journey with my husband and I am excited. This is a new chance for us to grow as individuals as well as together.

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