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I got something into my head while I was being a gerbil on my elliptical. I began pondering how much I think about something before I wind up doing it.

How much life do we waste chattering back in forth with the voices in our heads. There is no way to know but it is even painful to think about!

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with thinking, thinking is very helpful for preparation for what is coming next. Though I wonder if all I really need thinking for is to find the entry point for the next endeavor to set off to do! And the rest of it is useless.

If that is the case, then I have wasted a disgusting amount of time in my life. Now you may be thinking that I am being a little too hard on myself, though this is for enlightenment, not punishment!

Developing My Life Experiment has been like hooking jumper cables up to my heart and giving myself a long-term jolt toward positive change. Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible amount of gratitude for my life and my relationships. But just because I am grateful for my life, doesn’t mean I get to just sit back and suck on the teat of life in comfort till the day I die.

As I have said in other posts I have written. My mental and emotional states go nuts when I don’t take productive action! When I am not busting out of my own skin to push the envelope with new opportunities for growth, I get bored and get depressed. Honestly, sometimes it is aggravating that I need to keep growing so much. Sometimes I just want to sit back, relax, and not be so prone to depression.

I am an Addict in recovery. Not many people in society have a damn clue what this means. Most people think Addiction is about a drug problem, behavior problem, alcohol problem, sex problem. I don’t have any of these problems!

Though I and other addicts, certainly have a problem with diseased thinking.

As my thinking gets more out of touch with reality, then so does my decision making. My decision making guides my actions. So when in the depths of the diseased thinking, people are left wondering what in the world is this guy doing!

Most people don’t know what it is like to go insane. I have been insane. When I am not busting my ass to grow, my mind is already backtracking into insanity.

My life is set up so that I can keep my mind in reality! I don’t attend recovery meetings every week, use gratitude, meditate, talk to trusted supports, and journal, because I am such a spiritual guy. I do these things because there is no way in hell I am allowing myself to find my way back into the insanity I have the potential to return to!

I don’t stay in touch with my emotions because I am SOO in touch with my sensitive side. I don’t want to go crazy. I refuse to allow my energy to drag me into a crappy life anymore!

I realize that not everyone reading this post is prone to going insane. Even if you aren’t, I still KNOW that if the things I talk about on My Life Experiment have helped keep me in reality, then I know they are practical methods for any person that is looking for some mental and emotional stability.

If you are dealing with Addiction, Mental Illness, or you are suffering in any form, please get yourself some help. Don’t suffer alone.

Now I am not a Buddhist, but I do love the 1st Noble Truth. The 1st Noble Truth the Buddha found was that “There is Suffering.” One thing we can agree upon is that suffering is real, even though it doesn’t have to drive us to insanity.
Everybody suffers, and not everybody suffers the same.

So up above I put it out there that I am prone to some heavy stuff if I quit taking care of myself, and that I am an addict. That doesn’t mean I believe that the suffering of an addict is superior to those that are not addicts, or not dealing with Mental Illness.

Alright I went on a rant there. Though for some reason it was a necessary rant. I began the post with the realization of the time I have wasted while thinking. Well… It is in my thoughts that my insanity grows, where my suffering grows. My insanity and suffering grow with the energy I need to be putting into growing my world!

That’s it right there! So if there was a bit of advice I can give to anybody right now. It is think less and do more!

I realize saying something like “think less and do more” might sound dangerous, but of course I mean taking actions in a positive direction!

If you don’t know how to take any kind of positive action right now. Talk to a healthy person and allow them to help you!

Thank you for stopping into My Life Experiment. And thank you for the support! I know that writing these words for you today will add immense value to my life today. I hope reading these words today give you value as well!

If you have people in your life that might benefit from this post today, please share it to your social media. And If you have any questions or insights, please leave them in the comments section below. Take care everybody!

Much Love,
Travis Hagen

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