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Hey everybody, Travis here, once again, from My Life Experiment! About a month ago I set off on the “Gratitude Intention,” experiment, to get myself out of a angry headspace. I spent one week engaged with the experiment. It was a great experience that I received great benefits from!

In that article I described the method I would use to write my gratitude lists. I said that I would be writing 10 things to be grateful for and why I am grateful for them. This method has been incredibly helpful over the years, but it is not a method that I invented. It came from a book called “The Magic.”

“The Magic” is the third book stemming from “The Secret.” You may know that “The Secret” is a book on learning how to use the “Law of Attraction” for creating abundance in our lives. If you didn’t know that then now you do!

You may be thinking, “oh great this fruitcake is going to tell me that if I think about a new car enough it is going to magically show up.” Well I am not writing this to promote “The Secret,” although it has some decent concepts in it! What I am interested in discussing is “The Magic,” and what it has to offer. And sorry but I don’t think new cars are going to instantly appear by applying this book either..

I would describe “The Magic” as giving a practical 28 day long guide to experiment with amplifying the level of gratitude in our lives to a great degree. It is 28 days so that it will be long enough to help develop a long term habit. “The Magic” fills in a lot of the details about attracting abundance that “The Secret” really failed at doing, and wasn’t really designed to do really.

I remember when I picked up the book, I started reading it and immediately wanted to speed read through it because the content felt amazing to read. Speed reading wasn’t really allowed though because the book asked me to slow down and work on daily tasks. The different daily tasks gave me methods for pumping more love and gratitude into my life and any other relationship!

Day one of the Gratitude Course is the 10 things I am grateful for and why, gratitude list. The next day is finding a nice rock to use as a gratitude invoking rock. These two gratitude building methods stayed in my life for quite a long time after first completing the book. I wrote gratitude lists everyday for around 4 years, I also carried the rock for around 3 years. I wish these methods would not have fallen out of my routine.

The daily tasks build on each other over the course of following the process. Though soon I was using several methods to build gratitude that really had me feeling on top of the world. This feeling did require work though, and adherence to practicing the steps that are provided. It also takes some letting go of judgment of the process!

This book fits My Life Experiment though and may not fit everyone’s experiment process. It fits My Life Experiment because I believe that there is a genius inside every human being, that will find a way to bring about whatever they desire if given the right tools. I have no doubt that intention, gratitude and hustling harder are the right tools. And this book has a process for developing more gratitude than any other book I have read before!

I’ve decided that it is time to give the routine found in “The Magic ” another go around! I have lost my book, so I will need to purchase a new one. If you are interested in joining me in this endeavor here is a link to purchase “SELRES_8caeea0f-3e2b-44f6-a88e-5bf96c4a5347SELRES_c9ef87dc-3f6e-4069-92b6-e3a210dbc6c2SELRES_69f7dc0d-585c-4572-bfaf-42f53e80bfefThe Magic”SELRES_69f7dc0d-585c-4572-bfaf-42f53e80bfefSELRES_c9ef87dc-3f6e-4069-92b6-e3a210dbc6c2SELRES_8caeea0f-3e2b-44f6-a88e-5bf96c4a5347 below. Whether you decide to join me or not i recommend the book heavily.

Over the next month I will be getting back into following the suggestions in this book. I know that my life is headed to a great place by committing to it once again.  It is exciting to be getting back into a routine that once had such a positive effect on my life! I will be sure to let you know how it’s going!

I will put out a weekly update article on My Life Experiment to report on progress. So stay tuned!

So that is all i have for today! Thank you so much once again for checking out My Life Experiment. If you have any questions or insights, please leave them in the comment section below. Also please make sure to sign up for the email list to be notified whenever a new article is posted to My Life Experiment!

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