Hello there you beautiful people, welcome to My Life Experiment! Last week I wrote about raising my families means for living. Toward the end of the post I mentioned I have been trying all sorts of things online to earn extra cash.

These methods to accumulate money have at least one thing in common. They have helped to add a little extra security to pay the bills of maintaining our new house, and the soon to be baby expenses!

The nice thing about these ways to earn some extra cash is that all you need is a WIFI Connection, a little bit of extra time, and minimal effort.

Here is a small list and descriptions of each of the new extra money making or saving websites I been experimenting with.

1. Mechanical Turks– This is a program developed and maintained by Amazon. This program recruit’s workers to do a variety of micro tasks that organizations outsource to Mturks. There are many tasks that can be done, but there are only a few that I have done routinely. I mainly stick to doing surveys. The surveys I do generally take about 15 to 25 minutes to do and pay between $.50 and $2 per survey. Another task I spent several hours doing was watching snippets of YouTube videos and rating if they contained sensitive content or not. This task allowed me to make about $4 per hour. As you can see there isn’t a ton of money to be made, but these tasks can be done while bingeing on Netflix, so what the hell, might as well! The money can be released to an Amazon Payment Account, or put on an Amazon Gift Card. I have been averaging an extra $100 per month, so potentially $1200 annually while sitting on my butt in my spare time!

2. Swag Bucks– On this site there are a variety of things to do to earn SB’s (Swag Bucks), which can be redeemed for gift cards from all sorts of different stores or banks. Swag Bucks has a nice amount of surveys to take. I generally take surveys here if I cannot find good ones on Mturks. SB’s can also be earned by watching videos, or even playing games.

3. Inbox Dollars-This is another site that resembles Swag Bucks. The nice thing about Inbox Dollars is that they give $5 to begin earning with them. Although money cannot be withdrawn from the site until $30 is earned. I am turned down from doing surveys on this site at a higher rate than both Mturks and Swag Bucks, but I have still been able to reach $20 earned without very much effort.

4. Lending Club– Lending Club is much different than the other methods to earn extra as listed above. Lending Club is a website that offers loans to individuals that are seeking loans. Though it isn’t a bank, it is a peer to peer lending site. Investing in Lending Club is about buying shares in loans that individuals are acquiring through Lending Club. The shares are bought in $25 dollar blocks, and interest is paid on the money that I and all other investors have made available. Two months ago, I tested out the waters by investing, and I have received 12 percent returns up to this point. If I just left that money in my savings account I would be accruing less than a percent!

Although the amount of cash I have earned hasn’t been large, it has been helpful! I will be making my first withdrawal from Amazon Turks and will be purchasing a new stroller and some diapers to prepare for the arrival of our little girl!

Also, as I have made my way into trying new ways to earn online, I made my way into developing My Life Experiment! And you best believe that sharing this life experimenting with all of you has been an amazing journey.

What I am learning is that If I am willing to put myself out there to earn in as many ways as possible, I just might find my way into doing something that I love!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about the ways I have been making a few extra bucks online! There are an immense amount of ways to earn online for those who are willing to look. These options I have described don’t even scratch the surface! So, try what I have tried or try something else! If you are complaining about money and waste a lot of time watching Netflix there is no reason to not give some of these options a try!

Thank you for stopping in to My Life Experiment. In my next post I will fill you in on the ways my family has been saving extra cash and setting up a budget! So tune back in and learn along with me or help educate me at My Life Experiment!

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