Mission to Get Benefits from Daily Planner Use!

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My Life Experiment requires that I am a busy man with a busy life. But that life is about to get much busier. With the new house mortgage and the baby on the way, it could be very easy to lose track of my responsibilities.

There is taking care of the home and family life. Making sure I am advancing in my career. Making sure I get to enough recovery meetings to make sure I stay sane. Developing this blog! Then of course staying on top of bills, paper work, and everything else I need to do to stay on the growth track that I desire.

My schedule changes often and as long as I stay on top of the changes, I am able to maintain my sanity. Sometimes I am able to keep all of these responsibilities in my conscious memory, but often times I find tasks and meetings slipping through the cracks.

It is never a good feeling when I have a meeting I have committed to, then I get the text message. That message that says, “so I guess today didn’t work out for us.” Every time this happens, the memory of where I was supposed to be floods back into my brain! It is a interesting feeling that isn’t pleasant. It is usually embarrassing.

By missing appointments, I am not showing people I am responsible. If I am not showing people I am responsible, they are not going to trust me with opportunities for success. This limits the amount of new opportunities for My Life Experiment to play around with!

Having more doors open for My Life Experiment to venture into is of the utmost importance. And I am much more successful at keeping all my responsibilities in order when I maintain a Daily Planner!

Lately I have been slacking on my use of a Daily Planner, but it is time to get back into it! In a recent article in My Life Experiment I talked about having a passion for raising my family’s financial means. With the new girl on the way, and reaching out for more ways to earn, time is already showing to be much more of a precious commodity.

In the past I have maintained a Daily Planner, and I recall many benefits! These are the main benefits I recall from my past use:

1. I found that I had to remember less. This left more space in my brain to come up with creative ways to handle what was coming up!
2. I found myself rarely missing a meeting!
3. I found more room to commit to new opportunities!
4. I found it much easier to see where my free time was, so that I could arrange meetings pretty much on the spot.
5. I found that I generally felt better about the way I was taking care of my responsibilities!

Starting today, for My Life Experiment I will be maintaining the Daily Planner that I just purchased!  I am going to update you all on how the month of planner use went on February 28th (I put it in my planner)! If you are not currently maintaining a Daily Planner and would like to purchase one. Then here is the link to the affordable and effective planner that I purchased!

Thank you for checking out My Life Experiment! If you have any recommendations or insights on using planners please comment below. Have a beautiful and well planned out day and week!

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