Good day my fine fellow life experimenters! I hope you are all feeling very well. And if not thankfully feeling out of sorts generally doesn’t last as long as it feels like it going to. I happen to be a little ill today, so I decided to use some sick time to take a day off from work. Its no fun not feeling but hey at least I am getting paid and I get to write up a new post!

The “Back to My Body” routine is still going very well! It is a little more difficult when the head starts to pound and the sinuses are tight, but last night and today I have still kept to the routine as planned. So far, I have enjoyed spending this extra time meditating, I feel it has been great at helping me stay more grounded in the moment. Though I can see that tweaking some things in my routine will be much more helpful.

The last couple of morning meditations, I simply laid in bed to meditate. Although I love the feel of my bed for as long as I can have it in the morning. I am finding that laying in bed for the extra ten minutes to meditate may not be the most effective way to start my day. It is important to get up out of bed to actually get the day started! So, getting up, getting my cushion and sitting down is going to be my mission from here on in. I see that I am trying to find a balance between falling back asleep, like I tend to do when I meditate in bed in the morning, and my usual routine of getting up and moving too quickly. I can be kind of a slow learner, but hey I am catching on!

Chickens head cut off

It is too easy to go throughout an entire day, not getting a real connection with myself. A lot of times my routine is get out of bed, grab the phone or computer, or head off to work. When I am doing too much running around and too much thinking, I don’t think I am in touch with myself. Generally, I am pretty lost when I do this, left to run around like a chicken who recently had its head detached from its body.

I, truly believe this sitting meditation in the morning will be the perfect thing to help me get some more quality time with Travis. I have found that when I meditate in the morning it is much easier for me to be more MINDFUL of myself and my surroundings as a I go through my day. By that I mean that I pay closer attention to all the little things I do in a positive way. I feel the air on my skin more, and I am probably thinking about the pleasant things about my morning (like being proud of myself for sitting down and meditating), and I am much more likely to be thinking about doing something nice for somebody later. I end up in better spirits in general, for at least a little while!

Well, since I am at home sick without a car today, my goal has been to look at my phone less, meditate on my cushion more and look for more things to appreciate about this new house of ours. I figure these actions will make it more likely that I will be feeling better tomorrow. They have been helpful so far!

Thank you for stopping in! I appreciate that you showed up to watch me grow a little more in my routine today and as a person! If you have any suggestions or insights to share with myself or anyone else that may read them, please leave a comment in the comment section below. Otherwise, I hope you have an amazing day!

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