The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I knew of a good place to get information on meditation. I recommended a meditation app to him called “Insight Timer,” though I didn’t go into any more details about what I know about it. I guess I did say meditation is a great thing to get into with a lot of benefits, but that was about it. Having a meditation routine had been an important part of my daily routine for about one year, but unfortunately I misplaced over the last several months. I am happy that my friend brought this topic up because that gives me a new experiment to challenge myself with!

To me, meditation is about breathing, slowing down my thoughts, and relaxing so that I can learn to feel what my body is telling me. It can be  pretty difficult for me to turn off the go, go, go mentality that I get stuck in pretty often. My brain is notorious for reaching out for something to keep itself busy. Whether it’s constantly checking Facebook, my stock app, Netflix etc…

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More often than I care to admit I find myself sitting on the couch attempting to relax, I pull out the phone and mindlessly scroll down my Facebook newsfeed. A half hour later I find that I am pissed off and I am not really sure why. Well I have a feeling that the mass quantity of information I just took in from all the memes, status updates, and political commentary just put me into a state of mental and emotional overload! Now the time I just set aside to relax was pretty much wasted. My stress hormones are flowing, I am still tense, and I haven’t even gotten off the couch..

My brain needs time to relax and the best way I can let it is to completely disconnect it from all the available distractions. This means me disconnecting from all the electronics and the people. No I am not saying the only way I can have true happiness is to run off to a cottage in the wilderness away from all the worlds gadgets, people, and problems. I will still be there so the problem still exists. It exists because even if I disconnect from all the electronics and people, I still have the thoughts in my own head to deal with.

When I say disconnect, I don’t mean anything like running away or escaping, and I have nothing against electronics or people. I simply mean finding some time within the day or night to just sit. Not sit and think but just sit. So that is exactly what I am setting out to do because tomorrow I begin the “Going Back to my Body” meditation experiment! I can already tell that this going to be a difficult one, since I can be so easily distracted. But thankfully I will be sharing my experiences with all of you, so I have the extra motivation to stick with it!

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Here are the guidelines for the experiment:

  1. I will either use my “Insight timer” app, or use no app but be in silence.
  2. I will either lay down or sit down. Sitting in the car is acceptable.
  3. I will Meditate for ten minutes three times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.
  4. Meditation time will not be for quietly contemplating the day, but to focus on feeling my bodily sensations.
  5. Any time thinking begins, I will ignore it and put focus back on my body.

If you feel like following along with the experiment that would be awesome. If not and you are just interested in seeing what I learn from closely monitoring myself in this process then that is awesome as well! Over the next week I will update you on any cool things or difficulties I come across. This will likely be every other day. I am excited about waking up and writing my gratitude list (which I still do after the last experiment) and taking the time to “Go Back to my Body”! Stay tuned and we will learn something together, Take care!

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