Well folks I made it a full week running my experiment called “The Gratitude Intention!” Initially I set out on “The Gratitude Intention” because I was facing a rough spot where I was feeling alot of pressure stemming from a barrage of life changes. I realized from “The Compliment Experiment” that finding more things to appreciate around me, helped me to be more present for my life. I had more awareness of how to handle situations, and more energy to handle them. I also was able to work my way out of difficult feelings and maintain a more positive mindset! After seeing these amazing benefits I set out to learn more about how to make this a way of life for me!

For seven days I worked diligently to maintain a gratitude routine. The routine was writing a to-do and gratitude list in the morning, gratitude meditation in the afternoon, and gratitude meditation before going to sleep. For the most part I was able to stick close to the routine as planned, but I did miss steps from time to time from how I initially set out to perform the routine. Hey, don’t judge me I quickly got back on track..

Some people might ask themselves, “what would I need to have a routine like this for?” I have asked myself the same question. I consider myself a pretty practical fellow. So, when I cannot find good reasons to do something I will most likely not be doing it no matter how effective others might say it is. Partaking in “The Gratitude Intention” convinced me once again, of the practicality of having a routine that helps me have more gratitude in my life. In order for something to be practical for me there has to be benefits for myself. Here is list of the top Five benefits I received from this experiment:


  1. I remembered to Breathe more –  The experiment helped me notice more about whether I was breathing well or not. I could relieve some stress and get back on track by taking a couple of deep breathes!
  2. I felt more connected – I found that when I was latching onto subtle things to appreciate that ended up being more loving to others! A friend of mine also mentioned using the method with objects around his house to develop a more loving relationship with the house he lives in!
  3. It helped me feel – On several occasions during the week I felt down or angry. I found that if I focused more on appreciating qualities around me, it helped me find the way out of these emotions. Also, there were a couple of occasions when I was writing my lists that I found myself working out painful things I was feeling.
  4. It helped me stay more centered –  I noticed that when I gave close attention to my gratitude routine that I could catch on to when I was too hungry, angry, lonely or tired (H.A.L.T) much sooner than normal! Instead of getting to testy and critical of others. Then I was able to calm myself down and relax.
  5. It allowed me to develop SELF-LOVEI came to realize that showing appreciation and allowing myself to feel more gratitude is probably one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself.  I also found that a great way out of negative self talk was to point out qualities I appreciate about myself. I found many more things to love about this guy I get to spend every moment of my life with!

Another one of the most interesting aspects of this experience was not so much about the gratitude part of the routine at all. It’s about the relationship with all of you. I can see that simply because I knew I would be letting all of you know the results of my routine, that it led me to focus even more on getting the most out of the routine! If I wouldn’t have been sharing this experiment with all of you, I don’t believe I would have gotten as much out of it!

All in all I cannot say enough about the powerful benefits I received from performing this experiment on my life! Making the decision to intend more gratitude into my life brought more focus and care into most every thing that I did. After spending this week being a gratitude lab rat I have made the decision to continue the routine indefinitely! I found the routine has way too much to offer my world to abruptly discontinue it.

I also found a new appreciation for my relationship with the “My Life Experiment” blog, because I now realize what a potent tool for self-transformation it will be for me. I sure hope it offers you all the inspiration to challenge yourselves as well! Thank you so much for checking out “My Life Experiment” whether you have been checking in from the beginning or just stopped by today. I appreciate and love you all! Please stay tuned to find out what the next experiment will be performing on my life, whatever it may be I know it will not disappoint.

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